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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mom Jeans To Die For

The mom jeans came about in the 1960s, as levi first produced the style and called them waist overalls, as they were a similar style to dungarees but without the top half, they soon become popular after James Dean popularised them in the film Rebel. Since then the style came back in the 1990's, such as in sit coms like Friends and many other 90s shows. Now the mom jeans are back in fashion, many retail shops are taking on the trend, adding embellishments, ripped and cut hems to add a modern twist with the old style jeans.

When I personally think of mom jeans the first thing that comes into my head is Rachel and Monica from Friends, wearing the classic 90's denim and more recently Kendall Jenner sporting the slim fit blue mom jeans. 90's style has always been such an inspiration to me, thus the reason behind my love of these denim dreams. I've had a few pairs in the past few years but i've only recently found a pair that fully suit my shape!

Most mum jeans on the highstreet that I've found, tend to be the loose fit, tapered style, more like a vintage look, that are baggy from the waist down, until the ankle. But for me these never suit my figure and they make me look like I have no butt at all! After searching high and low, I found a few that appeared to be a slim fit style, more like the ones Kendall Jenner wears. Kendall has previously stated that her mum jeans are from Topshop, but at the time of me buying them they never seemed to have my size. 

I continued to look around, and eventually found a pair that fitted perfectly! ASOS saved the day.. The jeans I'm wearing here, the star of the entire blog post, are called the 'ASOS Fairleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans', I bought them in the shade Prince Wash. (Click Here to View). As I bought these a few months ago there is limited stock left in this colour, however ASOS has now brought out more colours, including 'bright blue', 'washed black' and a few others including stepped hemmed and ripped ones, if you type in the name above into the ASOS search bar then you can browse the entire range!

What I love the most about these particular mom jeans are how they fit perfectly around my waist, and are tighter around my bum and thighs, compared to other Mom jeans I've bought in the past. There is nothing I hate more than jeans that are baggy around your waist but tight round your bum, or just so baggy that your figure is hidden completely. Not only this but the price is fairly cheap for a decent thick pair of denim jeans, at only £32 they are a good price, especially compared to similar Levi or Topshop ones.

My Size Guide

I am usually a size 6 and a 34" leg length in jeans, so I bought the 25" waist and a 32" leg length, as I wanted them to be slightly shorter and just above the ankle, which was perfect! For a size scale to help you, in Topshop Joni jeans (which I'm sure everyone has) I am a size 6 which is also a 25" waist.  So these jeans are pretty true to size, and for leg length I say stay normal to your other jeans if not go a size down for a more classic mom jean vintage-ish style.

Inspiration and styling

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my previous more fashion related ones! I'm going to start posting more regularly like 3 times a week at least!! This is unrelated, but to any of those reading this, have you ever tried Too Faced born this way foundation, or the Nars sheer glow?! if so comment bellow which one you prefer or your thoughts as I'm in need of a new foundation and stuck on which too get lol! Thank you again Love Nic x

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