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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Kendall & Kylie Street Style Inspiration

Kendall & Kylie look book

After Kendall Jenners birthday dress that was smothered all over our instagrams, with fashion brands taking major inspiration, its not just the instagram shops who have been looking at the Jenner sisters style, but near enough every teenage girl has been taking inspiration from their street style. My blog post today is all about Kendall and Kylie's fashion must have styles that have been captured in the past few months. I have commented on my favourite pieces and also found cheaper alternatives for a few of them! So lets stop rambling and get on with it...

My Kendall inspiration first stemmed from me watching a video Kris Jenner uploaded on her instagram, i fell in love with the way Kendall matched a leather skirt with a band tee! I think any black leather skirt with a white or grey or even black band tee would create such an effortless but fashionable outfit for a regular day. 
I then continued to google more kendal street styles and this is what i found...

 My next fashion love would be the blue denim that Kendall seems to wear a lot of, i love the baggy ankle look on the left but also the casual mom jeans that she's wearing on the right. I am currently loving any form of blue jeans at the moment, especially with rips in like the ones i posted a picture of on my instagram (click here to see). Not only am I loving Kendalls denim but also the neutral colours, beige and creams andddd her Stella Mcartney shoes in the left picture. 

My next love which has been seen in every retail shop on the highstreet recently would be the leather jacket. The leather jacket is a timeless piece and has been around for many many years, by the looks of things it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Kendall is a prime example of how a leather jacket can be worn to dress up and down an outfit.I am loving the colours she's wearing in the picture above, the grey cropped jumper under the leather jacket really goes well together, especially the way she has effortlessly slung it over her shoulders.

Zara had a lot of coloured faux leather jackets during the summer months, but I didn't notice them selling a white one, after doing some research I discovered a shop called Bershka who sell practically identical white ones for only £39.99 (click here).

When I first uploaded this picture onto my blog I was going to talk about the jacket Kendall is wearing, but I have just noticed that she is sporting a pair of leather trousers as well! Leather leggings or trousers are verryyyyyy in style right now, and over the autumn/winter months. Paired with trainers like above help add a casual look to a quite dressy piece of clothing.

Not only am i obsessed with the leather leggings but also the faux fur jacket! Firstly with Kylies all black outfit, with an oversized bomber jacket. I am in love with Kendalls outfit, as my obsession for faux fur is still massive, ever since my discovery of the TDS faux fur bomber jacket brand I've mentioned on my blog before. 

My next up favourite from both Kendall and Kylie would be the band tee shirt. I recently saw a blog post on how the band tee shirt trend is now dead, which i majorly disagree with.. nearly every retail shop has still got them in store and celebs like these two continuously show them off on social media. Even if i'm wrong and they are in fact "dead", then who cares? Fashion is all about personal intereptation and I much prefer leaving the house knowing that I am not going to look exactly the same as every other girl out there. But any who, i am loving Kylie's mix of the black and white pieces (especially the socks), and her leather jacket over the top adds to the look. 

Bershka has also been selling a lot of band tee shirts recently! Not long ago I bought a metallic logo 'Metallica' tee shirt from their Oxford street shop, which is also online here.

My last style inspiration follows on from the last one but with an added twist. Here again is the oversized band tee shirt but a distressed DIY version. Kendall has a cut out a V neck line into a band t-shirt leaving the neck band to add a chocker effect. She has also paired it once again with blue jeans, which i adore moreeee. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my fashion post and i hope i have gave someone inspiration, through the pictures or my comments! To keep updated on my next blog post be sure to follow me on instagram @nicolakaik as this is where i announce my new posts!! 

(none of the pictures are mine and found on google or instagram)

see ya again soon
Nic x

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