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Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Holy Grail Fake Tan

Lets Get Bronzed!
Now the winter season is coming and my summer tan has faded, its time to start Fake Tanning! I've tried a few but I always seem to go back to the same brand... St Moriz.

For many years I have been using the St Moriz professional medium ( or dark ) mousse, I pick it up from my local boots, but you can also get it online here . 

Why i love it..

The first reason why I love St Moriz is because of the price, only £4.99 for the bottle which will last 3 months if not more.. compared to its rivals who charge £15+ for the same volume, it is the best for a natural colour, my fake tan colour is identical to my real tan colour, and i always get compliments from people asking if it is real!! It is streakless if applied right and despite the semi fake tan smell it disappears after you shower!!

Dark or Medium? 

I personally do not recognise the difference between the medium and dark shade, i normally just buy the one Boots have in stock at the time, but if you're fairer skinned then i would deffo recommend the medium shade just in case. I have never personally used the light shade before, but my beliefs are that if you're using fake tan you may as well go all out... right?? haha 

How i use it..

The way you apply your fake tan is vital to the out come, if you want a natural non streaky tan then you have too apply it in the correct way! Here is my method that works well for me and hopefully you too..

what you will need-
I normally fake tan after i have bathed or shower, so i have smooth legs and also this gives me time to scrub and exfoliate the dead skin, this will help avoid dark patches when you tan. 

I then moisturise, it is up to you whether you moisturise your whole body or just the areas prone to be drier than the rest. for me i always moisturise my legs, feet and ankles, hands, elbows and chest as this is where I am most dry lol. 

Now it is tan time!! I ALWAYS use a tanning mitt to apply it, this way you will avoid the dreaded orange palms! I normally apply two pumps onto the mitt for each body part, i start from the bottom up, with my legs and feet, then my stomach, back and then chest and top of back, ensuring that the sides match and i haven't left any white marks. if you struggle applying fake tan to your back ask someone for help, I always find myself putting tan on my sisters back, however, i never seem to struggle, as i have monkey arms lol. I then do both of my arms and then leave my hands to last to avoid smudging them in the mitt.

If you want to apply fake tan on your face i would suggest using less product! I personally only ever use the excess that has been left on the mitt to apply all over my face and then add some of my Garnier Amber Solair 1 week glow for face in medium to blend. This step is optional especially if you wear makeup everyday!

After i have applied my tan it then takes 4-6 hours to develop, but I normally apply my fake tan an hour or two before bed, so i let it dry first and then go to sleep with the tan on and shower it off in the morning, this way it gives the darkest outcome, despite it also ruining my white bedding (but don't stress it does wash off lol).

When it comes to showering the next morning, i only spend a minute or two in there. I use shower gel all over to take off the excess and this is also where the fake tan smell disappears. 

My tan normally lasts 5 days but this depends on how often you exfoliate and moisturise after. I normally re apply my tan every week but sometimes more sometimes less depending on my laziness and if i am going out on a weekend. 


I hope I have helped your fake tanning needs, and if you give my technique a go or just use St Moriz mousse, then comment on here or my isnta - @Nicolakaik and let me know what you think!!!

thank you for reading, love N x

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