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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Faux FURRR Bombers - The Design Studio Hawarden



Despite me not YET owning one of these jackets (recognise the yet). I am still in love with these faux fur bombers. I discovered this brand firstly on Instagram @thedesignstudiohawarden and I fell in love with not only the aesthetic of their social media page, but mostly the uniqueness each of the jackets have. The mother daughter duo, Sally Pattinson and Lettie Pattinson,
design and make the unique jackets themselves, as every jacket is unique and hand made! (Which definitely makes me want one more).

Every sunday at 7pm they put up their new designs on their website, after teasing their 35.1K followers with sneak peaks throughout the week, on their quickly expanding Instagram. Every jacket is lined with ivory or black satin, with scuba fabric as edgingsome with zips and some without. All covered in very different, vibrant and unique coloured and textured faux fur, and some combined with denim or poly cotton panels.   

You may be thinking that these faux fur covered bomber jackets are just for winter, BUT NO you are wrong, as TDS creates new styles and textures to adapt to the changing seasons. The spring designs include pastel furs, whites and greys. But, most excitingly the new summer designs are  incorporating floral leather fabrics and pink quilted polyester!    

Not only do I want one of these jackets because they are absolutely stunning, but also because you will  without a doubt stand out when you wear one. The design Studio Hawarden is the only company I have found who has combined the old school bomber jacket with faux fur. Even if there are other brands out there, I can guarantee that they don't do it like TDS do it. The only criticism with this brand is that every jacket they make are all beautiful, I just can't decide which one I want!! 

The Design Studio Hawarden is my favourite Instagram fashion brand at the moment and have been ever since I discovered them. Thus the reason behind them being my first blog post! 

Follow them on insta - @thedesignstudiohawarden
Website - The Design Studio

Thank you for reading, N x
(all pictures are from TDS Instagram and none belong to me) 
all opinions belong to me


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