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Thursday, 25 May 2017

OOTD - pleated trousers

I don't know about anyone else but I am never ashamed to re-wear last years wardrobe. After scrolling through pintrest I found loads of summer outfit inspiration, most of which involving pleats. Last year pleats were really popular, especially ones similar to the culottes I'm wearing here! Topshop especially embraced the trend, with many colours and lengths, however, this year the culottes are being replaced by long line skirts, pleated ones at that, but still any pleats are good enough! As the sun has been out this week I thought it would be the perfect time to bring out the pleats once again. 

Todays outfit I wore my pink wish pleats with adidas trainers, and a white super cropped tee that i recently got from Urban Outfitters, I love this top because of the neck it has, anything slightly high necked is a bit of me lol. But as I am on holiday next week I am definitely going to be taking them with me and wearing them in the evenings with a bralet! The only thing is, I wished i bought a size small as the top can sometimes rise a little too high and show the bottom of your bra, but hay ho just gotta embrace it lol, and get those not so abs out!!   

Pleats are an easy way to embrace the summer months, they are light and simply feel like you're wearing nothing haha, I will deffo be grabbing these a lot during hot summer days. Especially as they make you feel so girly and fashionable, you'll deffo be standing out from the crowd in pleats this season. 

Styling and Inspiration 

TROUSERS - Topshop (similar here)
SHOES - Adidas 


My inspiration came mostly from these two pictures, especially the white and grey tees with trainers, turning a really girly piece of clothing into a sport casual look. I love the blue on the right, but mostly the metallic skirt. Both are amazing summer street style outfits. My main love is deffo the logo tee shirt, but as I don't have a graphic one at the moment, I had to settle for the plain white tee shirt Im wearing above. 

I hope you enjoyed this sweet but simple post today, keep tuned for my next few holiday based posts including tanning and outfits (ofc)!!

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Love Nic x

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mood Board 3 - INTERIOR

Two posts in 24 hours, wow... Is it just me or do you over think and over plan everything in your head when its night time? Because I always do. Whether it is what you are going to wear tomorrow, or about how you have to pack for holiday thats only a few weeks away, or even thinking about the hair oil you need to buy because you've run out! Its like night time was made for over-thinking. As i felt like my other post categories weren't seeing the love, compared to my fashion one, I thought I'd do a new mood board, for Interior, desk interior / office to be more precise, the reason for my over-thinking. 

Uni is only a few months away, and as I've decided to stay at home and commute into London this year (for money reason, not that I didn't want to stay in halls). I am in need of desk or space to do work on, for my laptop and books and somewhere where I can feel inspired and relaxed enough to work, as at the moment my room is lacking this a lot. Pintrest is the saviour as per usual, as it is where I get most of my inspiration from. Black, white, rose gold and marble are my inspiration colours, along with faux fur, prints and green plants (mostly palm trees, but you can put one of those in your bedroom). I am really excited to decorate my room more, and to create this space to work and be creative here on my blog, I already have a few ideas which you will be seeing very soon, but this is just a tease of whats to come and whats inspired me.

Pintrest - nicolakaik

I hope you enjoyed this short post, don't forget to check out my previous post from a few hours ago lol and see you again soon, Love Nic x

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Prada & Chanel SS18 Resort Collection

You may be wondering why we are already talking about next years fashion trends while we are only just going into 2017 summer, but as fashion is always 2 seasons ahead, and Prada and Chanel have just had their resort collection, it would be a pity not to talk about it. 

For those of you who do not know, the Resort collections that you see many fashion houses have, refers to 'a holiday or travel collection', this being the reason it is sometimes called a Cruise Collection. It is meant to be for wealthier customers who travel all year round, and are in need of a lighter summer wardrobe for their travels during winter months. 

With summer ahead and holidays approaching, there is no harm in taking early inspiration from the Spring / Summer 2018 resort collection for your vacay outfit planning. Last week we saw both Chanel and Prada show off their collections and bellow are the bits that caught my eye the most...


Karl Lagerfeld stepped back from future and space inspiration and took on a "modern mythology" theme, embracing Ancient Greek's beauty and culture. With Greek ruins as a catwalk and the clothes truly embracing a goddess theme, my favourite part of this walk is the lack of celeb models such as Kendall and Gigi, as Chanel has tried to go back to a purer times which includes the models. 

Gold Is The Theme - Picture one is by far my favourite outfit from the whole walk, as from head to toe it is stunning, ready to wear and the pieces compliment each other so well. I am in love with the gold bold sunglasses as well as the cream trousers that have a subtle hint of pattern. I feel like Zara will truly embrace these looks as they tend to create beautiful cream and white clothing as well as embroidery, which has already been seen this year.  Despite pictures 1 and 2 embracing the embroidery theme, I specifically chose picture 2 for the knot detail and cut out side dress! Knots are already very much in this season with many summer playsuits as well as the deconstructed shirt trend. I recently found a tie front playsuit from ASOS that i am in love with which embraces the cutout/tie style, see here.

 Last but not least my favourite from picture 3 is the embrace of metallic gold, combined with a co-ord, picture 3 has given me major festival inspiration as a metallic bold skirt is deffo going to be worn. Topshop have recently brought out a pink metallic skirt that I am dying for, especially for festivals and nights out this summer, click here to see. As well as these few looks, Lagerfeld also took on crochet, macs and weaved pieces, however it is safe to say that the Chanel walk has made me want to invest in some neon lace up heels and to dig out the alice band again!


Prada spring / summer resort collection was very thought out, as the looks match the settings. The room was lit with a pink-hue, black, pink and white benches lined the centre, and huge windows showing off the industrial surroundings of the Fondazione Prada Osservatorio. As for the clothes, Prada stuck with the same colour themes and embraced a sporty yet still, overly girly touch. 

Any More Pink - Just from a first glance, Prada used many materials, from shirts, sequins, feathers, mesh and pleats, this pretty much sums up the catwalk. Picture one is of course a favourite, as the crisp white shirt is a must to everyones wardrobe, but the added mesh detail, more importantly the pink mesh detail, is amazing and deffo something I will be embracing this summer and most likely next summer. Secondly, picture two has me feeling a lot of things, as the silver metallic sequin skirt is the key piece... this skirt has gave me major festival inspiration. Fashion bloggers such as Sarah Ashcroft embraced the sequins at the Coachella just gone, as she wore a Lipsy London pink sequin dress, see here

As for picture 3, I am loving the juxtaposition of a sporty jacket and mesh pleated skirt, adding to a sport/girly look. Pleats were a big trend last summer and I have a feeling that they will make an appearance once again!! Id be very happy for this to happen so I can pull out my pink Topshop pleated trousers again. If you haven't noticed already all the models wear plaited hair and knee high sports socks which adds to the overall sporty, with a touch of pink girly look. 

Thank you for reading, follow me on bloglovin here or click the + gadget to keep up to date with my future posts!! love nic x

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