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Thursday, 25 May 2017

OOTD - pleated trousers

I don't know about anyone else but I am never ashamed to re-wear last years wardrobe. After scrolling through pintrest I found loads of summer outfit inspiration, most of which involving pleats. Last year pleats were really popular, especially ones similar to the culottes I'm wearing here! Topshop especially embraced the trend, with many colours and lengths, however, this year the culottes are being replaced by long line skirts, pleated ones at that, but still any pleats are good enough! As the sun has been out this week I thought it would be the perfect time to bring out the pleats once again. 

Todays outfit I wore my pink wish pleats with adidas trainers, and a white super cropped tee that i recently got from Urban Outfitters, I love this top because of the neck it has, anything slightly high necked is a bit of me lol. But as I am on holiday next week I am definitely going to be taking them with me and wearing them in the evenings with a bralet! The only thing is, I wished i bought a size small as the top can sometimes rise a little too high and show the bottom of your bra, but hay ho just gotta embrace it lol, and get those not so abs out!!   

Pleats are an easy way to embrace the summer months, they are light and simply feel like you're wearing nothing haha, I will deffo be grabbing these a lot during hot summer days. Especially as they make you feel so girly and fashionable, you'll deffo be standing out from the crowd in pleats this season. 

Styling and Inspiration 

TROUSERS - Topshop (similar here)
SHOES - Adidas 


My inspiration came mostly from these two pictures, especially the white and grey tees with trainers, turning a really girly piece of clothing into a sport casual look. I love the blue on the right, but mostly the metallic skirt. Both are amazing summer street style outfits. My main love is deffo the logo tee shirt, but as I don't have a graphic one at the moment, I had to settle for the plain white tee shirt Im wearing above. 

I hope you enjoyed this sweet but simple post today, keep tuned for my next few holiday based posts including tanning and outfits (ofc)!!

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Love Nic x

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