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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Sliders Sliders Sliders

ONE (here) TWO (here) THREE (here) FOUR (here)

Sliders are something thats been around for many years, but recently it has moved from a dad shoe to a real fashion trend. It started with Adidas and bold logos across the front, then to Pumas fur ones. But recently, many retail shops have been creating statement shoes like the ones above. The 4 sliders here are just a few of my favourites that I've found online, and some of which I own. I didn't realise until putting the pictures together that they only consisted of metallic and black haha. 

Number 1 and 2 are both similar with a bow/thrill detail, which again is a big trend for SS17, I own no.2 myself and they are the best sliders i have, they are so girly and fashion forward, they also come in a khaki colour and a dusky pink, they are also cheaper alternatives to the Puma Fenty ones. Number 3 and 4 are both dreams. I love number 3's white line around the soul and the gem details, which Zara is really loving at the moment. For number 4 I was so undecided whether to post the picture of them in black or silver, as they are both amazing. 

Hope you're enjoying my recent fashion posts, because theres more to come soon! Love Nic x

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