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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Kendall Jenner Street Style

From airport outfits to day-to-day style, Kendall Jenner has always been my go too for style inspiration. Decpite my previous post about her and Kylies street style, after subscribing to Kendall's app and me watching back-to-back episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, my love of Kendall has well and turely returned. From mom jeans, to white tees, biker jackets and over sized sweaters, I can't get enough.

Looks for Less

Decpite most of Kendalls pieces being designer and very expensive, some of them are actually reasonably priced and can be found on the high street. And as for the more expensive bits, they can be easily copied with cheaper alternatives! From the latest photos of Kendall that I've found on Pintrest, the one bellow is by far my favourite, and is definitely my style. The casual tee, DENIM jeans (love a bit a denim, especially Mom jeans) and a pop of colour, the Orange!

Other Bits That Caught My Eye

These two pictures definitely caught my eye, as for the left, it has really inspired my upcoming airport outfit, as an oversized crewneck sweatshirt, looks effortless yet still stylish ( & comfy which is always a plus), as well as her pairing the silk/satin jogger trousers, which are all over the highstreet ATM. 

And as for the right picture, I am loving the staple denim jacket, which is perfect for summer to autumn transitioning. Despite this picture being a little older, I am still loving the look, and it proves how the denim jacket never goes out of style!
Sweatshirt - Champion shop similar HERE
Denim Jacket - (unknown) ASOS shop similar HERE

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Love Nic x


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