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Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Blogger Inspiration

So as an avid blog reader I thought I'd write a post that I would like to read for myself which is my Feb Favourite Fashion Bloggers for 2018 (so far).

I, like I'm sure many people, have their favourite fashion bloggers on Instagram which are incredibly inspiring in terms of style and even aesthetic. I love finding new influencers to follow on Instagram, and many times I've typed in "top 10 fashion bloggers" into google search and all thats come up are the common insta blogger gals who have billions of followers, not that I'm hating on anyone as their pages are amazingggg (hence the billions of followers) but there are so many hidden gems out there which not that many people have found yet.
SO I am here to show you some.

So here we go...

@Matildadjerf AND @Emitaz

@Matildadjerf - (insta & blog & youtube links) 
@Emitaz - (insta & blog & youtube links) 
I have followed both of these gals on instagram and their youtube channels for a long time now, and they have the most unique and inspiring fashion sense and the best instagram feeds, if you follow them id HIGHLY recommend you to check their youtube channels out too, as they both do the best travel blogs.

@Emilyshak AND @Emilycocklin

@Emilyshak - (insta links) 
@Emilycocklin - (insta links)
For Instagram style inspo I would deffo recommend following these two girls, their style is amazing and they always tag where their clothes are from which is amazingly helpful! Even if you aren't interested in fashion I'd follow them just for the aesthetic.

I hope you enjoy this short but hopefully sweet post and gain some inspiration from it! 
Love Nic x

Instagram - @nicolakaik


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